Partners Group

Global Value SICAV

Investing in a globally diversified, open-ended private equity fund.

Asset Class
Private Equity
Target Returns
Various returns
Fund Term
Min. Investment
USD 5,000

Investment highlights

    • Fully paid-in shares (no capital call/distributions to process)
    • Immediate exposure to a globally diversified private equity portfolio (no J-curve effect¹)
    • Dynamic asset allocation, using directs, primaries and secondaries
    • Historic outperformance against public markets at significantly lower volatility since the fund was launched in 2007
    • Defined monthly liquidity for subscriptions and redemptions
    • Low minimum investment amount
    • Subscription closed on 17 January 2024
    ¹Represented by the tendency of private equity funds to post negative returns at the onset of investments (which may result from investment costs, management fees and an investment portfolio that is yet to mature in the initial years) and then post increasing returns in later years when the investments mature.
    ²Based on the change in NAV since listing on ADDX from 29 Oct 2021 to 30 Jun 2022

    About the manager

    Partners Group is an independent global private markets investment manager with a major ownership by its employees. The firm serves approximately 1,000 institutional organizations worldwide who seek attractive investment performance through private markets for their more than 200 million beneficiaries. Partners Group has USD 119 billion in assets under management and employs more than 1,500 professionals across 20 offices in Zug (Switzerland), Houston, Toronto, Denver, New York, São Paulo, Guernsey, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Manila, Milan, Munich, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney.

    Partners Group sees its emphasis on operational excellence as strong competitive advantage, as evidenced by the significant resources, integrated systems, and dedicated teams the firm has built into its global private markets investment platform. Partners Group’s approach has been to institutionalize operational excellence by implementing the appropriate processes, procedures and controls to ensure the highest level of quality and excellence in its operations.

    Registered Address

    9, Allee Scheffer, Luxembourg L-2520

    Disclaimer: The information above has been provided by Partners Group. The contents of the above have not been verified by the Exchange and the Exchange assumes no responsibility for the contents above, including the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any of the information, statements or opinions made or reports contained in the content above. Target return is not necessarily indicative and does not guarantee actual return. The past performances of Partners Group Global Value SICAV and Partners Group AG are not necessarily indicative and no guarantee of the future performance of Partners Group Global Value SICAV. This is not an advertisement making an offer or calling attention to an offer or intended offer.

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