Provenance Burgundy Wine

Provides access to a curated portfolio of Burgundy vintage wines

Asset Class
Real Assets
Southeast Asia, Europe

Investment highlights

    Diversify through a non-traditional asset class:

    • Potential to diversify and generate returns through a portfolio initially comprising 359 bottles of vintage wines from the Burgundy region in France

    Supported by a network of experienced wine professionals:

    • Wholesale wine merchants provide advice to Provenance Treasures on the sale of wines and reinvestment, if any

    • Operations assisted by Domaine Wines which has about 8 years of experience in the wine industry, particularly in French wines

    • Day-to-day management of Provenance Treasures conducted by its parent company, SGX-ST Main Board-listed Intraco Limited

    Who is this issuance for?

    For investors who are seeking an alternative class of investments.

    About Provenance Treasures

    The principal activity of Provenance Treasures Pte. Ltd. (“Provenance Treasures”) is in the wholesale of liquor and wine.

    Provenance Treasures is jointly owned by SGX-ST Main Board-listed company Intraco Limited (60%), Domaine Wines Pte. Ltd. (“Domaine Wines”) which is a wholesale wine merchant with about 8 years of experience in the wine industry, along with two other individual shareholders (40% in aggregate).

    Incorporated: 26 Oct 2020

    Registered Address

    60 Albert Street, OG Albert Complex, #07-01, Singapore 189969

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