Yun Qi Fund III

A specialist fund investing in enterprise & productivity solution sectors managed by a top-ranked Chinese VC firm.

Asset Class
Venture Capital
Target return
Geographic Focus
Min. Investment
USD 10,000

Investment highlights

    • Gain access to one of China’s top 20 venture capital firms with deep expertise in the enterprise SaaS (Software as a Service) and productivity solution sectors
    • Co-founders of Yunqi each have 20 years of investment experience from top firms like IDG & GGV
    • Fund manager’s previous two funds in these sectors are now on track to deliver >5x returns to investors
    • Stellar fund track record: Yunqi’s first two funds have invested in multiple companies that have grown into unicorns
    • Institutional investors in previous Yunqi funds include sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and leading alternative investment firms
    • Target return: 4-6X

    More About This Opportunity

    Yun Qi Fund III is a new early-stage venture capital fund focused on B2B enterprise and productivity solutions made in or for China. Since 1995, venture-backed enterprise (B2B) technology companies have generated $825 billion in value. Compare this to $582 billion generated by consumer technology companies.

    Market Outlook: Software as a Service (SaaS)

    From ‘China Tech: Emerging Enterprise SaaS Companies’ by Douglas Kim

    “The Chinese enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector trails the more developed U.S. SaaS sector by nearly 5 to 10 years. Despite this lag, the SaaS market in China has grown rapidly over the past five years. In 2015, the SaaS market in China was about 9.9 billion yuan and this market is expected to reach nearly 47.3 billion yuan in 2020 (US$7.2 billion), representing a nearly 36.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2020.

    The global market size of the SaaS is estimated to be about $157 billion. Therefore, China is estimated to account for about 4.6% of the global SaaS market. In our view, the global SaaS market is expected to grow at about 15-17% per year over the next two years whereas China’s SaaS market is likely to grow at nearly double the global average of about 30-35% per year in the same period, taking into account their recent market growth rates."

    Market Outlook: Internet of Things (IoT)

    From ‘Emerging IoT Companies in China’ By LightStream Research

    “China is currently leading the Internet of Things (IoT) race, supported by the efforts of its telco providers, the government, and early adoption of 5G. Estimates by various consultancy and industry bodies expect China’s IoT industry to grow at a stronger rate over the forecast period (c. 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 2019-2025), surpassing US spending on IoT.

    A growing focus on Industrial IoT (IIoT) has become a key trend in the Chinese IoT industry. Initially, IoT was mainly adopted by the consumer sector, particularly in developing smart devices and smart homes. Given the country’s large manufacturing base, IIoT is seen as a sector with the highest growth potential for IoT services. IIoT is still in its nascent stage, and we believe that China is well-positioned for growth in this sector.”

    About Prometheus-1 Pte. Ltd.

    The Company is a special purpose vehicle incorporated solely for the purpose of investing in Yun Qi Partners III, L.P.

    Registered Address

    9 Temasek Boulevard, #38-02, Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989

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