Hamilton Lane



10-12% p.a.
Fund Term
USD 5,000


    • 了解Hamilton Lane与全球知名普通合伙人的关系
    • 多元化的跨投资类型、地域、行业、交易规模、战略的普通合伙人(GP)
    • Hamilton Lane的平台支持高选择性的稳健交易流程
    • 强大风险调整后的收益率,自成立以来的年化收益率为15.72%
    • Subscription closed on 17 January 2024

    关于 Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund

    该基金是一家卢森堡公共有限公司(société anonyme),受其在卢森堡官方刊物《RESA》上发布的公开章程管辖。该基金受卢森堡金融业监管委员会(CSSF)监管,并在卢森堡监管机构保存的集体投资企业正式名单上注册。

    ¹Based on the change in NAV since listing on ADDX from 31 Mar 2022 to 31 July 2022

    关于 Hamilton Lane

    Hamilton Lane(纳斯达克:HLNE)是一家领先的私募市场投资管理公司,主要为全球资深投资者提供创新的解决方案。该公司专注于私募市场投资32年。其目前聘有680多名专业人员,在北美、欧洲、亚太和中东地区皆设有办事处。截至2021年9月30日,Hamilton Lane管理和监督的资产为832.5亿美元,其中包括超过119.4亿美元的可自由支配资产和近734.8亿美元的咨询资产。Hamilton Lane专注于建立灵活的投资计划,为客户提供全方位的私募市场策略、板块和地域。


    9, Allee Scheffer, #0-0, Luxembourg L-2520

    Disclaimer: The information above has been provided by Hamilton Lane. The contents of the above have not been verified by the Exchange and the Exchange assumes no responsibility for the contents above, including the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any of the information, statements or opinions made or reports contained in the content above. Target return is not necessarily indicative of and does not guarantee actual return. The past performances of Hamilton Lane and Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund are not necessarily indicative of and no guarantee of the future performance of Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund is made. This is not an advertisement making an offer or calling attention to an offer or intended offer.

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